Thursday, 24 July 2014



I'm a massive big melting pot of a human, this whole blogging in the sun thing is hard work let alone trying to get the right setting on my camera #auto. This whole outfit was a bit of luck, you know those days where three things come for you in the post and you then realise they would all look perfect together, well yeah this outfit was one of those!

The kimono is another beautiful item from IKrush. I was a bit dubious about picking another kimono/jacket to review as I seriously own way too many but this one didn't disappoint, it's even better in real life than it looks online and at £19 I think it's an absolute steal! I matched with my new laser cut crochet skirt that Front Row Shop kindly sent me which is amazing - I love anything cut out and I think the skirt transforms this outfit into quite a dare I say it... 'sophisticated' look? Never thought I would see the day ha. My beautiful and magical Skull Duggery  amethyst crystal necklace tops this look off perfectly, matching my Sleek lipstick.

Kimono jacket - c/o I Krush // Crochet skirt - c/o Front Row Shop // Necklace - c/o Skull Duggery Clothing // Shoes - Topshop £65ish // Crop top - H&M £7.99 // Clutch - Warehouse £28

Kimono jacket - c/o I Krush // Crochet skirt - c/o Front Row Shop // Necklace - c/o Skull Duggery Clothing // Shoes - Topshop £65ish // Crop top - H&M £7.99 // Clutch - Warehouse £28

What do you guys think of this outfit? I want to follow lots of new blogs so if you could leave your URL in the comments I would love to check you all out <3 p="">
I'm off to eat sushi mm yum k bye

J x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Summer is all about getting outside and enjoying the sunshine, and barbecues have become synonymous with that in the UK. It's the perfect excuse to get the paddling pool out and invite the whole family round for an afternoon of fun, laughter and of course some great food. So treat yourself to a new dress (a great value George dress from ASDA is ideal), get the BBQ fired up and enjoy a day of fun and food with all the family.

Keep the Kids Entertained

While the food is cooking you'll want to keep the children entertained. Make sure you get any summer garden toys out like trampolines, bats and balls, lawn croquet and the essentail paddling pool, which will always be a real hit with the kids. Have water fights with water balloons and water guns, build a shady den, draw a hop scotch on the patio and see who can go the highest on the swing.


Of course when you think bbq, you instantly think of what you'll be eating. You don't have to stick with the normal bangers and burgers. You can instantly add interest to burgers by stuffing them with cheese, for example. You can even save time and do this by simply reshaping shop bought burgers around your favourite cheese. Or maybe you fancy spicing them up a little by adding a blend of herbs and spices. As for sausages, why not buy a few different flavoured bangers at the butchers, or grill some Spanish chorizo sausages.

Marinade some chicken, try a new steak rub and make vegetable kebabs or some delicious grilled corn on the cob. Summer salads and delicious artisan breads are a great addition to any barbecue. Perhaps knock up a potato salad, a taste packed bowl of Turkish style cous cous and a leafy green salad and you'll have the perfect accompaniments for your barbecued feast.

Dessert wise you can't go wrong with ice cream for the kids and maybe a light and creamy pavlova for the adults. There's something ever so summery about the combination of crisp and chewy meringue with lashings of cream and fresh fruit.


Summer screams cocktails, whether it's a jug of sangria, a summer fruit punch or maybe something a little more adventurous. You can guarantee you'll impress your guests with a glass of Pimms packed with strawberries and orange and cucumber slices or even a bellini when they arrive. A nice rose, a few light summery beers and plentiful soft drinks will keep everyone happy. Make sure you stock up on ice poles for the kids and have plenty of ice cubes on stand by too.

Perhaps go the whole hog and string up a few lengths of bunting from the trees in the garden to make it all the more summery and put some great music on in the background that never fails to remind you of summers past - you'll have the perfect recipe for a sizzling summer barbecue. Just add sunshine!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014



It's been a while I know, not quite sure what i've been up to apart from living the unemployed dream. It's surprising how fast time can pass when you're doing nothing. I took full advantage of today's sunny weather and got my friend to take a few snaps of me whilst wearing my new floral Reverse playsuit. I'm not normally a big fan of playsuits as I find i'm normally too tall but this one I think I can just about get away with. Reverse is an Australian label renowned for their bold design features and cut out detailing. Follow them on Instagram here.

Playsuit - c/o Reverse // Necklace - H&M £14.99 // Moccasins - Topshop £38 // Belt - Topshop £18

Do you tall gals have problems with playsuits? Where's best to get cute ones?

J x

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Side split skirt - Evil Twin £10 via Sample sale // Booties - £38 Topshop // Yin and Yang vest - c/o Nana Judy // Fringed Jacket - c/o Missguided // Silver necklace - 14.99 H&M


It makes such a difference when I manage to take photos in places other than my garden. I got my dad to take some quick snaps of this outfit whilst we were out the other day at a really pretty church.

I'm so excited that it's festival season again and having already been to Field Day this year the outfit planning is in full swing. The next festival I have lined up is Secret Solstice in Iceland and it looks incredible. Whale watching, hot springs, volcanos - amazing, but what on earth do I wear?!  Missguided are #lifesavers. How beautiful is this fringed suede jacket, it's the perfect casual cover up for the cooler weather. I love anything with tassels at the moment and why not go overboard by teaming with my Topshop fringed booties. I'm counting down the days until Solstice and Missguided have given me a festival survival kit including a poncho, carmex, glitter, and a nail kit which will all come in really handy! - Thanks Missguided!

I'm really excited to be feature another piece from nANA jUDY in this outfit- I thought the yin and yang sun vest was perfect for summer layered up with heavy silver jewelry tucked into my split side skirt.  

What do you think of this outfit? What will you be wearing at festivals this summer?


ps. Don't forget i'm selling loads of my clothes on Depop: @velvet_daisy. Leave your usernames below, I want to follow new people! 

Monday, 9 June 2014



Firstly my apologies for the slight delay on this post. I've been super busy working and blogging has taken a temporary back seat however i've quit my job now so here's to unemployment and full time laziness. Forgotten how good it feels to cook delicious breakfasts and lay around in the sun all day! 

Last week I attended a party by possibly the best hosts ever: Dominos. Does life get any more fun than a bar of unlimited cocktails and constant supply of pizza?! Being the bestest friend ever, I invited my friend Lex as my plus one and we danced the night away to Carnivale music in Brazilian bar Guanabara. The night was to celebrate Dominos' newest Carnivale menu obviously in timing with the World Cup in a couple of weeks. The pizzas were absolutely delicious and I definitely had one too many Mojitos. Oh yeah and the diet's going well by the way guys... pa ha ha. The entertainment was amazing and involved beautiful carnivale dancer girls, a photobooth, drummers and men with balls tricks - if only Dominos put on events every week! 

Massive thanks to Davin and the amazing guys at Dominos for allowing me to be a part of this night!

Visit Dominos blog here to keep updated: 

Ciao for now!


ps selling all my clothes on depop: @velvet_daisy